Manners & Polite Behaviours

Help your puppy or adult dog learn what is polite and appropriate for living in harmony with your family.

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Behaviour Modification

Support your anxious or fearful dog as they learn systematically and incrementally to cope in a scary world. Learn More

Reactivity and Aggression

Show your reactive or aggressive dog alternative behaviours to lunging, barking, and growling. We help with dog-human, dog-dog, and resource guarding issues.

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Here to Help!

Whatever challenges you might experience with your dog, Blockheads Dog Training & Behaviour Consulting Ltd., in Calgary, Alberta, can help. We offer:

  • customized training plans to meet your goals, regardless of your training skill level or your dog’s training level
  • private, in-your-home sessions, that fit your schedule
  • text, email and video support

Dog training is an unregulated industry, with many inhumane, risky, even dangerous practices. Blockheads Dogs always focuses on physical and emotional safety for the learner (both human and animal), building trust, and enhancing the human-animal bond.

Our training plans make use of humane, positive reinforcement methods. We use treats – lots of ’em – plus other stuff that your dog likes.

Hungry dog is inspecting kitchen and delighting beings home alone.

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